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Sisters… oh my.

Is there a more complicated relationship? I, an only child, have been blessed with 4 children. But not just 4 children; 4 children in 5 ½ years. But not just 4 children in 5 ½ years; but the middle two, only 20 months apart: girls, daughters, sisters.

Now my experience as an only child underprepared me for the phenomenon known as sibling rivalry. I mean from my point of view, how could having close-in-age, built-in playmates be anything but wonderful?

Apparently there is another view and perspective to this constant availability (read: she’s touching me). 

However, as unprepared as I was for sibling rivalry, it was nothing compared to how grossly unprepared I was for the relationship of sisters. 

Khaki & Allie. My two girls. Just 20 months apart, but miles apart in uniqueness.  One spent all her time with baby dolls, and seated at a little Tykes vanity. One spent all her time creating anything with any medium: Legos, crayons, boxes…

One who had a sing-song voice and saw everyday as a party. One who wanted everything to be in order & balanced.

One who was caution to the wind, one who rescued (literally).

I had a front row seat to the most intense, passionate disagreements (let’s be honest, fights). Waffles flying, Barbies as weapons, doors slamming, sonic drinks thrown.

I also had a front row seat to the most intense passionate love for one another: protecting one another physically and verbally, talking across the room without words, helping one another with hair, makeup and outfits, cheering one another on as adults.

And I learned something great from these two: they are better together. Whether it is a project - cooking, crafting or coloring hair - or just facing the world, they are better together!

And they will always have something I will never intimately, first-hand understand or experience. The love of a sister. 

Two little girls who grew up with the idea that one was pretty and the other smart have come to understand & accept that you can be both. You can be pretty and smart. You can live in the &!

These two girls have taught me that together is better. 

Perhaps this is why I am so fond of the stories of Mary & Martha. Sisters who were better together, in fact, so better together that they had the most esteemed guest in their shared home at least 3 times: Jesus. And so better together that they shared tears with Jesus. And so better together that they teach us all that worship and service must come in the correct order. Worship first (Mary has chosen the better, Luke 10:41-43) and that service must follow (after all faith without deeds is dead James 2:26).

So in the spirit of sisters everywhere, remember you are better together!

In honor of Mary & Martha, remember to worship & serve (in that order).

And in response to those two little girls, Khaki & Allie, believe in what makes you uniquely pretty & smart!

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