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10 Ways Mary & Martha Has Made A Difference


In celebration of Mary & Martha’s 10th Anniversary, we would like to take a look back at a few ways Mary & Martha has made a difference in people’s lives. Our company is all about building a business, building others, and living out your faith. Mary & Martha values sharing life together and making a difference in the lives of others. Throughout the years, our Consultants lives have changed and they have had many opportunities to impact the lives of others. Here are just a few examples of the impact Mary & Martha has made in people’s lives:


  1. A Business with a Purpose: Mary & Martha Consultants are very open about their passion for our company’s mission. Countless stories have been shared over the years about their “Why” (why they have joined Mary & Martha) and how their career has impacted their lives. Mary & Martha provides our Consultants purpose, because they are given an opportunity to own a business where they can find meaning in their work while sharing God’s love to others. They can have their own business AND live out their faith. They are welcoming, serving and connecting with others through the product that they sell at each Gathering, along with giving others the opportunity to join them on this journey. We have testimonies of Consultants who lost a loved one and found purpose, meaning and a community, and others have gained financial freedom through Mary & Martha.
  2. Meaningful Connections: When women are brought together through Mary & Martha Gatherings, new, meaningful friendships are formed. These get-togethers have formed countless sisterhoods that will last a lifetime. Sharing life together is important to Mary & Martha. Thousands of women have been brought together through this company. Mary & Martha is all about sharing life together. Women need friendships where they can laugh, cry, encourage one another and experience all of life together. Many Consultants have found their best friend here.
  3. Income: Mary & Martha has been able to pay out $9 Million in commissions over the last 10 years. The income that Consultants have earned with Mary & Martha has paved the way to new opportunities where lives have been completely changed. Lisa Brunnette, our National Senior Executive Director which is our highest title, was able to leave her corporate job and make Mary & Martha her full-time career. She has earned a car allowance each month! Another one of our top Directors, Erica Stidham, was able to build a medical clinic in Liberia with her Mary & Martha income. Another top Director, Diane Nelson, was blessed with a “Mary & Martha miracle baby” because her income was able to pay for fertility treatments. The income that is made by Mary & Martha Consultants has truly made a difference in small and big ways throughout the years.
  4. Compassion Bible Program: Mary & Martha’s partnership with Compassion International Bible Program has touched the lives of children all over the world. Children who have lived in poverty in various countries have been able to receive Bibles in their own languages through this program. To most of these children, this is the only thing that they can call their own. Mary & Martha Consultant’s ask for donations with each order in $1 increments to send a Bible to these children. This year, we have donated over 2,000 Bibles to children all over the world! We hope to continue to make a difference in these children’s lives and strive to build His kingdom through this partnership.
  5. Inspirational Product: Over the years, Our Mary & Martha product team has worked hard to make fresh, new products that are inspiring, authentic, conversational and spiritually relevant. These products have helped thousands of women to welcome, serve and connect with family and friends by sharing life together in and outside of their home. Each product is exclusive, beautiful and inspirational. Our prayer is that these messages bless each person with an eternal impact.
  6. Mission Trips: Mary & Martha Consultants and Leaders have been on mission trips to the Dominican Republic to help encourage and bless children through Compassion International. Seeing kids that are personally sponsored by our Consultants is beyond beautiful. The joy when a child sees their financial sponsor through Compassion International is quite an amazing experience.
  7. Conferences: Mary & Martha has held 20 Conferences in the past 10 years. These Conferences have equipped women to make a difference. From professional speakers to praise and worship, conferences have impacted people spiritually, mentally and professionally. They are able to jumpstart their careers with excellent training, meet women from all over the country who share the same goals as they do, and grow in their faith by worshipping and praying together. Consultants are equipped and on fire after conferences with a new desire for their careers and passion for the Lord. Mary & Martha will continue making a difference in Consultant’s lives through our conferences.
  8. Incentive Trips: You can’t go wrong with free vacations! Okay… it did take a lot of work to earn the trip. But overall, we have been blessed to have had 10 trips to amazing locations like Cancun, Caribbean, Cabo, cruises and this year to Punta Cana. Here, Consultants have a chance to relax and refresh with that special someone in their lives.
  9. Building Home Relationships: We have had many Consultants share how they have involved their children in their Mary & Martha business. These moms are mentoring their children to be entrepreneurs while strengthening their family relationships. They have been involved in seeing Mary & Martha used to raise funds for great causes and to be supplemental income to their family. Children experience pride when their parent receives recognition, achieves their goals, receives free products and earns incentive trips. Consultants often express that Mary & Martha has become a family business teaching children responsibility, leadership, relationship building and being consistently persistent toward achieving their goals.
  10. Giving Back: Many Consultants have led fundraisers and have given donations of our products to hospitals, women clinics, child welfare centers and soup kitchens. Many people have been touched not only by the generosity of our amazing Consultants, but have also been impacted by the message of our products.


It is truly amazing to reflect on the impact that Mary & Martha has made in its first full 10 years. We are looking forward to making a difference in the years to come. Thanks to our Consultants for their hard work and commitment to Mary & Martha's mission. If you would like to hear more, talk to your local Consultant or visit our website here.




-The Mary & Martha Staff

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