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3 Foods You Need at Your March Madness Gathering!

All across America, family and friends find themselves knee high in March Madness. Whether your team is on their way to the championship or their journey has been cut short (we still love our Razorbacks), you probably still have a March Madness Gathering planned for you and your friends.

And to help you prepare for that Gathering, we’ve put together what we like to call, the Bare Necessities Buffet! 

Buffet Use

All you need in your buffet are two delicious “food groups,” Salty & Sweet.

Now, we know those aren’t technically food groups, but that’s how we’ve decided to simply categorized our buffet!

Here are the 3 foods you need for your March Madness Gathering!


1. First, you need the salty! For those who just love to munch on something crunchy– we’ve thrown together a chip and dip combo! Potato Chips in our medium melamine Nested Bowl and sour crème and onion dip in our small melamine Nested Bowl will do the trick.

Chips Dip


2) Secondly, you'll need a healthy "salty" alternative. For those of you who are getting fit for the summer, we’ve provided a delicious AND healthy substitute for your chip and dip cravings with a colorful veggie tray on our This is the Table Melamine Platter.




3) Once you’ve indulged your salty cravings, it’s time for something sweet... a March Madness Basketball Cake!

Basketball Cake

Don’t let our basketball cake intimidate you… All it is is a box of cake mix, buttercream icing and a family size bag of Reese’s Pieces proudly displayed on our Heirloom White Large Pedestal.


Simple as that! Now you're ready to Gather and cheer for the remaining teams in March Madness with some good food!


To purchase our Melamine Nested Bowls, our This is the Table Melamine Serving Platter, or our Heirloom White Large Pedestal, contact your Consultant today.

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