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A Challenge to Welcome!

Welcome, a kindly gesture or reception!

What says welcome to you? Fresh flowers? Being greeted at the door? The smell of bread baking? A smile?

Creating a welcoming environment is one of the three pillars of Mary & Martha. We love to help you welcome others. 

And while we firmly believe that it is all about people not perfection, we do know that a little extra effort and some small touches can make your home say, WELCOME to all who enter.

So here are some quick tips to get company ready in 30 minutes!

  1. Always have a box of brownies in your pantry.  Mix it up and place in the oven.  This will create a welcoming scent and dessert all at once!
  2. Grab a laundry basket and walk through the house putting everything that is out of place in the basket.  The basket gets to hide until the company leaves. At which time owners of said ‘out of place’ objects will need to claim items post company.
  3. Close doors to any and all rooms that are not and will not be company ready.
  4. Grab a spray cleaner and a paper towel to freshen (wipe down) the bathroom that will be used by company.
  5. Light some lights!  And here is where Mary & Martha comes in!

Our tea light shades are the way to create that a soft light on the bathroom counter, to add a bit of light to the front stoop, or to decorate the kitchen/dining table. 

These shades are not only beautiful, but easy too.  Easy to assemble (tabs to slots), easy to store (they lay flat) and easy to change any glass into a beautiful lamp!  Just add a battery tea light to a glass and place the shade over the glass and viola, there let there be light!

And if that isn’t enough, these great tea light shades are on sale starting tomorrow! Contact your Consultant now!

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And…You're welcome, wink!

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