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A God-Sized Answer: We Exceeded our Bibles for Rwanda Goal!

We started 2019 off with a God-sized dream of donating 10,000 Bibles to the country of Rwanda through Compassion International. Our friends at Compassion have been an integral part of helping the communities in Rwanda rebuild and find reconciliation after the genocide 25 years ago. We were honored to partner with them and sponsor this Rwanda Bible project this year—10,000 Bibles is a big undertaking, but we knew confidently that our God is bigger! 

At our national conference, The Gathering, in Kansas City this past July, we gave away 8,000 Compassion bookmarks, with each bookmark representing a pledge to donate one Bible. Women got up from their seats and came forward to grab hundreds of bookmarks—we were clean out by the end of the hour. It was a powerful display of generosity and of women joining forces for an eternal cause.

We reached the end of our Bible project mid-December, and guess what—we not only reached our goal—we EXCEEDED it by donating 11,300 Bibles! Thank you for your donations—you have been a part of bringing life change to thousands of people across the world! There is no better gift to give than the treasure of reading God's Word!

Imagine the impact these Bibles will have—11,300 Bibles represents 11,300 individuals who will receive God’s Word and share it with their families of 4, 5, 6 members. We’ll let you do the math—it is a ripple effect, and it is just further confirmation of Isaiah 55:11 (ESV), that the Word of God “will not return… empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.” God’s Word changes lives!

We are humbled by the generosity shown by friends and consultants who contributed towards giving the gift of God’s Word to thousands across the globe. Ladies, you make a difference! To God be the glory!

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