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A Server for Every Occasion

With the arrival of our new Adjustable Tiered Server, we are anxious to show you all the fun and creative ways to use it. Like we always say, we love product that is both beautiful and functional and boy is this piece both - So let’s jump in!

A Spring-filled Centerpiece

With 3 different-sized, adjustable baskets, you can use each basket for fun, function or both! We loved filling our baskets with beautiful potted succulents, vibrant colored fruits, and our table’s miscellaneous items such as napkins, honey, teaspoons and salt and pepper!

TieredServerWithBaskets Use

An Organizational Tool

Sometimes there is just not enough space for multiple organizational pieces in your kitchen. So we rid our kitchen of the multiple baskets and racks by putting our spices, onions, garlic, and potatoes in the baskets of our Tiered Server!

SpicesPotatoes Use

A Delightful Display

We love playing with height to display food at Gatherings by using pedestals and plates, but to add even more height we include our Tiered Server! We switched out the baskets for the adjustable wooden plates and used our Tiered Server as the main display of all the delicious food!

TieredServerwithWoodenPlates Use

The Catch-all

Sometimes you just need a “catch-all”. To create our own, we used the bottom two baskets to organize miscellaneous kitchen items like tea towels, cleaning rags, soap, dish detergent, etc., and then switched out our top basket with the top wooden plate for a place to put small items.

MixItUp Use

There are many creative ways to use our Adjustable Tiered Server and we want to hear your ideas!

Comment below and let us know how you would use our Adjustable Tiered Server in your home.

For more information about the Adjustable Tiered Server, contact your Consultant today!

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