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Bring Hope & Healing To Rwanda


Mary & Martha has been collaborating with Compassion International for many years and our parent company, DaySpring, for even longer.  Over the past 3 years, we have offered our Guests and Customers the opportunity to join us in participating the “Bibles for Children Program.”  We have donated nearly 6,000 Bibles since we began giving to this life-changing opportunity.   These Bibles were donated to Compassion Centers around the world.  I have had the opportunity to travel with Compassion International to visit the Children I sponsor in Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and Uganda.  I visit the center's country office and then I am invited into homes of the Children.  The Children always bring me their prized possessions and often their only possessions are their Bibles from Compassion and letters from their Sponsor.

We heard from many of you that you would like to know where the Bibles are going and it would be nice to hear testimonies and stories about the lives that were touched.  We agree!  That connection makes giving even more special. 

Compassion International agreed as well and went to work with different countries where we could support a specific center and they discovered a GREAT NEED in the country of Rwanda!

In 1994, Rwanda, an African nation of 3 million people, experienced the most horrific genocide our generation has known:  In just 100 days, nearly 1 million people, primarily members of the minority Tutsi community, were slaughtered by ethnic Hutu extremists.

Today, just 25 years later, Rwanda is a country of more than 12 million people and has a strong and stable economy.  Victims and perpetrators are living and working side by side to rebuild a vibrant, unified country that is free from the hate that once consumed them.

The story of forgiveness and redemption is astounding and some would even say unbelievable! Make no mistake; it has not be easy – nearly impossible on the best of days… BUT IT IS HAPPENING!

How you may ask?  The answer is simple… the saving grace of God and His redeeming love!

Many victims were children but some, like Methode Ruzibana, escaped by fleeing to the hills.  He lost his family and was consumed with hate and revenge. But then, Methode joined Compassion where he was able to experience God’s love through the local church.  He also paired with a sponsor who provided encouragement and support.  Over time, Methode released his hatred in favor of a life centered in forgiveness and gratitude.


Compassion in Rwanda
A Glimmer of Hope

Compassion’s work in Rwanda began in 1980.  Remakably, our program survived the genocide and was available to support the church to bring light and hope to children like Methode.

Over 85,000 Children participate in Compassion’s programs in Rwanda and they are in need of 10,000 Bibles in 2019 so that each child has their own Bible.  Lives are being transformed by God’s truth and we are raising our hand to say, “We want to be part of that transformation!”

10,000 Bibles! 
How is this Possible?

My son-in-law who is a missionary in Africa, along with my daughter and three grandchildren, told me that a God-sized dream is a dream that could only be accomplished with God’s help.  Those are exactly the dreams we should pursue, because ultimately He receives ALL the Glory!

We cannot accomplish this dream to assure every child in Compassion’s program in the country of Rwanda has a Bible without Him!  Any vision without action will not be accomplished. That is why we're partnering together, and with God’s help we can accomplish what He is doing in Rwanda.


One Bible is just $7, or donate just $1 toward a Bible.  Every little bit helps!   Won’t you join us?  Gift a Bible and transform a life.



Marsha Sites McKeegan
Field Engagement Manager
Mary & Martha

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