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Celebrate Others This June!

June is all about taking the challenge not to compare with the #NoCompareDare here at Mary & Martha… and what better way to stop comparing than to start celebrating one another?

For this month only, we’ve brought back a customer favorite, our Celebrate You Plate with a fresh, fun new design! What a fun gift to let others know how you’re celebrating them!




This plate includes the inspirational message:

“You are special, loved, adored. A gift from God, a sweet reward. Your smiles light up every day. You bless the world – hip, hip, hooray! You’re fun to be with, fun to love, a happy treat from God above. So thankful He created you, let’s celebrate with much ado!”

Our hope is this plate will be used to delight in and rejoice over the loved ones in your life!

At approximately 9.5” in diameter, our Celebrate You Plate is the perfect size for funfetti cupcakes, a slice of cake, or even a personal-sized cake!

Cupcakes use


While great for birthday celebrations, the Celebrate You Plate can also be used to rejoice over the everyday life accomplishments that take place!

And while this plate makes a great gift to help you celebrate other women in your life, it is also an excellent addition to your own kitchen, becoming a part of how you celebrate your family as well!

Use this plate at breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert to celebrate the A’s and B’s your son or daughter just received on their report card, to rejoice over the game winning point or the beautiful dance or piano recital that took place, or to turn a regular day into one of celebration for the person in your family that needs an extra reminder they are a gift from God.

So what do you say? Will you celebrate one another with a hip-hip-hooray?

To order your Celebrate You Plate, contact a Consultant today!

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