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DIY - Transition Into Spring

With our Spring Product Launch less than 2 weeks away, we are in full swing spring decoration mode.

And this spring, there is one decoration we just can’t get enough of – succulents!

That’s right, you heard us. Both real and artificial, we are in love with these plants and think they are the perfect addition to many of our Mary & Martha products. What better way to showcase our love for these plants than to show you how to display them in one of our products!

So, in 3 simple steps, we’ll demonstrate how easy it is to transition your fall/winter Copper Luster Pillar into a beautiful spring display using succulents.

Materials Needed:

Materials Needed


Step One: Gently fill the Copper Lust Pillar with decorative stones.

Step 1



Step Two: Begin placing and arranging the artificial succulents in your Copper Luster Pillar.

Step 2



Step 3: Reposition the succulents in your Copper Luster Pillar until you obtain your desired look!

Step 3


It really is that simple! 



Order your own Copper Luster Pillar today!

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