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DIY - Wall Decor Using Mary & Martha Tea Towels

If you follow Mary & Martha on Pinterest and/or Facebook, you have probably seen our Tea Towels being used in such beautiful and creative ways! We’ve loved seeing how our Customers, Consultants, and Bloggers alike transform our tea towels into pillows, parts of quilts, wall décor, etc.

Some of you reading have loved the ideas so much, that you’ve replicated them in your own home! However, there are some of you who want to replicate these ideas, but you just don’t know how. That’s okay! We’re here to help.

In just 5 steps, with only 4 items, we are going to show you how simple it is to transform one of our tea towels into a beautiful wall decoration for your home.

Let’s get started!



Note: we recommend ironing the tea towel to remove any creases in the fabric that may have formed in the packaging.


Step 1: Lay your canvas on a flat surface and lay your tea towel on top of the canvas. Position the tea towel how you will want it to appear on the canvas.

Step 1 Use


Step 2: Once the tea towel is in position, grab the sides or top and bottom of the canvas and tea towel and flip canvas over so the tea towel and canvas are now facing down.

Step 2 Use


Note: When flipping canvas over, be careful not to move the tea towel. This would change the positioning of the tea towel on the canvas. If you felt your tea towel move, repeat steps 1 & 2.


Step 3: Pull tea towel taught, without moving it under the canvas, and staple top and bottom of tea towel to the canvas.

Step 3 Use

Note: Once you staple top and bottom, be sure to flip the canvas back over to check the positioning of the tea towel. If you are not happy with the positioning, it’s okay! Remove staples and just repeat steps 1, 2 & 3.


Step 4: Pull tea towel taught on the left and or right side and staple to the canvas. Repeat on the other side. All sides should now be stapled!

Step 4 use


Step 5: Fold each corner of the tea towel down and staple.

Step 5 use



Now, turn your canvas over and viola, a beautiful and inspirational decoration for you home!

Step 6 Use


We hope you enjoy your new wall decoration and that whoever enters your home and reads its message will be richly blessed by His Word!


Order your Tea Towel today!

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