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Do I Trust God?

"God will show me the path of life." - Psalm 16:11

Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I trust God?" I don’t just mean trusting God to do good in the world, but to really trust God in the scariest and unknown moments of life.

Three years ago, I went on a business trip to San Francisco where I was leading a training session for my company. I lived in Chicago at the time and as I arrived at the Chicago O’Hare airport, I found out that my flight had been delayed. When the plane finally landed in San Francisco, I scrambled to get my luggage, which feels like forever when you are in a hurry, and then I hurried to get my rental car. It was the beginning of the rush hour so getting to the meeting on time was going to be a challenge.

Not being familiar with San Francisco, I got a GPS in my rental car, typed in the address and away I went. As I was driving in this crazy rush hour traffic, I felt God ask me, “Do you trust Me as much as you trust your GPS?” That startled me. However, I was in a rush and didn’t have time to give it much thought. Now looking back, I can see that God was preparing me for a series of painful personal events that were about to happen in my life.

The first tragic event happened that fall. Before I moved to Northwest Arkansas to work with Mary & Martha, I lived in Chicago for 20 years and was very active in my church. One of our members, Ken, was a senior citizen who happened to live in my neighborhood. He had lost his entire family over the years and was quite lonely. We eventually became fast friends! He became like a grandfather to me and my family in Ohio. For 15 years we were best friends. That fall he got very sick and went into the hospital. We thought it was for a short stay but the doctor told him he had terminal cancer. My dear friend had a very short time to live and I was devastated.

That news turned my life upside down. I was currently working for a company in Florida where I was on the road the entire week and only home on the weekends. My best friend was dying and I was the only one there to care for him. I asked my boss for some time to be with Ken. I just needed a few weeks to be with him during his last days. My employer insisted that I get back on the road the next week because I had work to do! He had no regard for my friend’s condition. Not knowing what I should do, I called my dad and asked for advice. “Should I quit to take care of Ken on his death bed or should I go back to work to keep my six figure job?” My Dad’s response was simple; “You don’t have a decision to make, you know exactly what to do. People always come first. You can find another job.” I was scared. Then my experience in San Francisco echoed in my head. “Do you trust Me as much as you trust your GPS?” Ken died in October 2014. I was with him each of his last 59 days and will always be grateful for that beautiful gift. “Do you trust Me?”

The second event occured on Monday, January 19, 2015 on Martin Luther King Day. My dad, whom I am very close to, had gotten very sick right after Ken’s funeral. My Dad lives in Ohio which was a seven hour drive from where I lived in Chicago and I had been going to see him every few weeks. I had now been out of work for 6 months, job prospects were falling apart and funds were getting low. My life was coming apart. I just couldn’t believe all this was happening. I pleaded to God, “I don’t know what you want me to do." I was begging for some sign of hope. Did I trust Him as much as I did my GPS? My answer had to be no. I was desperate.

It was a week after my melt down on MLK day that I had my first phone call with James Barnett the President of DaySpring Cards. James was looking for someone like me to work at Mary & Martha, the DaySpring direct sales company that was helping women combine their faith and their work. Two weeks later while my Dad was in the recovery room from open heart surgery, I had my first phone call with Mike Markovich the General Manger of Mary & Martha. On Friday, March 27, I accepted the job offer for Mary & Martha, put my house of 20 years on the market and it sold 48 hours later. I decided to leave my friends, church, and home of 20 years and move my life to Arkansas on a new adventure. I do have to tell you, being a Chicago girl I never thought I would visit Arkansas let alone move there. At this point, I felt that God had prepared me through the hard life events to trust Him. I knew I could do this.

As I look back over the last three years, I am truly amazed by how God used my GPS to prepare me for all of these major life events that has led me to where I am now. If I wouldn't have let go of the job, I wouldn’t have been able to spend time with Ken in his last days. I wouldn't have been able to visit my dad during his recovery. I wouldn't have been looking for a new job during the time that Mary & Martha was looking for someone like me. His plans are revealed during His timing. I know that I am exactly where He wants me to be.

I have been in direct sales for 30 years. I love the opportunity to help women from all walks of life build a future for themselves, have financial stability, and recognize them for their accomplishments that builds self-confidence. I love the Lord and being able to combine my direct sales experience with my faith is an unimaginable gift. God has been preparing me for this role my entire career.

So whatever you are going through in life, just ask yourself this question, “Do you trust God?” You might not be able to see what God is doing and you may even feel like blaming God for your circumstances, but trust that He is good and faithful.

“God will instruct me and teach me in the way I should go. He will guide me with His eye.” - Psalm 32:8


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