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Easter's Empty Tomb - A DIY

This Easter, use our Copper Luster Pillar to demonstrate and share the incredible story of what Christ accomplished through His death, burial and resurrection!


 Materials Needed:


Step 1: Fill the Copper Luster Pillar with soil and place terracotta pot on its side in the soil. Cover everything but the opening of the pot.



Step 2: Place the small stones in front of the opening and along one side of the pot.



Step 3: Place the medium stone in front of the pot, covering only part of the opening.



Step 4: Sprinkle a handful of grass seed on the soil and water.


Note: Be sure to water your soil daily and set the Copper Luster Pillar where it will receive indirect or direct sun. It will take several days for the grass seed to sprout. For more immediate results, use moss and spread over the soil until you obtain your desired look.


Step 5: Create three crosses using small twigs you find in your yard! Bind the twigs together using twine; then place them in the soil above the pot.



Step 6: Use your display to share the good news with all who enter your home – THE TOMB IS EMPTY!

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Christ died for our sins, rose again, ascended to heaven and is now seated at the right hand of God interceding on our behalf! So, let us celebrate this Easter the incredible victory we have through the blood of Christ! Happy Easter!



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