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Faith Over Fear

“Fear…It connotes a lifetime of struggle for almost everyone."  Lisa Stillwell, author of Faith over Fear 100 Days Devotional Journal, states.  "No matter our age, race, financial status, or demographic, we can all succumb to the power of fear to some degree.”

“There are many legitimate things to be afraid of – failure, abandonment, bullies, consequences.  This list is endless.  Sometimes, even if there isn't anything to be afraid of, we'll create something to fret about because the circle of fear is where we've lived for so long.  Being unafraid is uncomfortable."

The author, Lisa Stillwell knows fear first hand as she lived in the bondage of fear for much of her life, but with God’s help and healing and learning the truth about who she is as His child, there came a time when she wanted out of that bondage – for good.  Lisa shared in her introduction to her devotional journal, "God took a mostly frightened, insecure, uneducated young woman from thinking she couldn't do anything for Him (because she was too afraid) and paved her way up to a senior –level position in the Christian corporate world.  The road wasn't easy – there were many battles to get through before realizing the power I possessed (the power we all possess as Christians) for overcoming fear, but victory ultimately won.” 

Lisa doesn’t claim to be free from the temptation to fear, but she states, the fight to resistance has become shorter and stronger over time.

She wrote, “100 Days of Faith Over Fear," a devotional journal so others can experience victory over fear too!  She states, “if even one more heart can experience freedom from the physical and emotional setbacks fear brings, angels will sing, and fellow believers can celebrate together to bring hope and inspire others to do the same.”

Her devotional journal Faith over Fear, is not meant to be the answer for helping rid you of fear, but hopefully, it will help in your journey. Click here to purchase your journal today!

“Each moment we can choose to either give in to fear or draw from the faith we hold within.  Let us journey together not only to demolish fear but to feed our faith so there can be freedom, restoration, and renewed hope to live and to love the way God intended.”

Mary & Martha is honored and blessed to offer an opportunity for you to explore Lisa Stillwell’s, 100 Days Devotional together. We need community more than ever, and we would love for you to join us for 5-7 minutes every single day at 10 AM Central Time through our online Facebook community. It is never too late to join as you can come anytime and go through your devotional journal at your own pace.

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