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At Mary & Martha we welcome, serve, and connect with others through our home parties, working together with you, and serving you.  It is not only what we DO, but having the privilege to welcome you, serve you, and connect with you is who we ARE and why we exist.  You may have thought we are simply a company that sells products that carry messages rooted and grounded in truth (the Word).  We are that and so much more.  Who we are allows us to combine our work and our faith in sharing life together.  It allows us to bless you, our valued customers, by gathering together, serving you, and praying for you.  You are the reason we love our jobs. You are the reason we get up each day with joy, passion, and excitement.  Serving you is a true and real blessing.


We want to offer YOU the chance to encourage and bless someone today with our beautiful products that share messages of hope, encouragement, and love.  We want to provide you with the opportunity to be blessed by having these products in your home as silent witnesses to all who come and go through your open door.  We want to give you the opportunity to gather together with friends and family and build up one another in love.  You have the opportunity to join us in this ministry in the marketplace in whatever way God leads.  We need more Godly women!  We need an army of women to help us make Christ known in THIS generation!  We are constantly praying all of you!  We pray for our customers, our guests, our hosts, and our future Consultants.  Here at the home office we pray over our business kits and those who will be joining and receiving these kits. 


The last thing the enemy wants is for us as a company and as a field of thousands of women to gather, encourage, bless, and share messages of faith, truth, and love.  Indeed, the enemy knows. He not only knows, but he trembles at the thought of welcoming one another, serving one another, and connecting with one another in truth and love.  He trembles at the thought of us coming together in acceptance because it allows hearts to mend and heads to be lifted.  He trembles at the thought of women across this country coming into the full realization of who we are in Christ and being set free in Christ. He literally shakes in his boots!  When we are set free, we are free indeed. We are FREE to be all that He purposed us to be!


There is no greater power on earth than for us to be set free in Christ and to realize who we are in Christ!  Christ allows us to be set free of fear, depression, guilt, shame, financial burdens, and pain of rejection.  The enemy knows and trembles at the thought of the power we have when we are free of anything that holds us back from doing the will of God and from being all Christ intended us to be. When we are completely available for Him and His work, we are unstoppable.  We demonstrate His power by knowing that through freedom in Christ there is NOTHING that can hold back the will of God in our life.  We are FREE to BE everything God intended us to be!


Lives will be changed, families will be healed, communities will be restored, and churches will be on fire and God will receive all the glory.   Join us in this journey and allow Jesus to set us FREE so we can truly grasp and live out who we are in Christ.


“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." - John 8:32



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