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Join Us In Gathering Together!

Women love to gather.

For years, women have been defined as ‘gathers’ and men as ‘hunters’.  This is no truer than in a retail establishment.  Women go along and gather products, ideas and inspiration. Men just get what they came for and leave. Pity…

But women gather relationally as well! Dating all the way back to sewing circles, we like to be and do together.  We go to the bathroom together, we eat together, we shop together, and we share life…together.  We talk, we listen, we laugh, we cry and we relate on every level together! 

Mary & Martha is all about sharing life together.  In fact, our products help you welcome, serve & connect.  And today, is a special day for us. Not only is September 1st  our Fall 2015 Product Launch, but it is also Mary & Martha National Gathering Day.  Why? Because we are kicking off our new Fall 2015 Guide AND birthday month and today, we want to gather together to celebrate!  All across the nation, Mary & Martha Gatherings will be taking place. Why not join the fun this fall?

There is no better time to join our family than now!  Fall is a great time to earn some extra income. After all, Christmas is just around the corner and that means women are gathering and shopping!

There is also no better time Host a Gathering than now! Fall is a great time to gather your friends in your home! You invite the friends, we’ll bring the party.  And then, when all the fun is over and your friends head back home…you can shop!  Because you just earned free and ½ price items. 

Give your Consultant a call today! 

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