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Light Up the Darkness


Each Christmas seems to bring with it an overwhelming challenge to make room for the very reason we celebrate.  Let’s face it, the holiday season can be busy and stressful. There are gifts to buy, plane tickets to book, meals to prepare, and family to entertain. With so many things to do and places to be, it’s easy to find ourselves in the hurried shoes of the innkeeper, unknowingly saying, “There’s no room for you here” to the true meaning of Christmas.


So how do we make room in our hearts, lives, and schedules for the little baby for whom there was no room in the inn? I want to experience the awe of that holy night.  I want to pause and let a whisper of praise break through my lips. I want this world to grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace - right here and now.


“Sometimes we feel the wonder of a familiar story all over again when we hear it from a fresh perspective,” says Drew Breaux in his book ‘Light Up The Darkness.’ “This retelling of the night of Jesus’ coming through a boy whose eyes couldn’t see does just that in a wonderful way. You’ll be filled with awe and inspired with hope as you encounter the true light of the world who lights up the darkness.”



This Christmas season, may you be aware that he is near and that he notices you too. The light of the world knows your name. The one who gave sight to the blind wants to open your eyes to all that He is and all that He has for you. He stands at the door and knocks, let’s make room for Him.


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