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Make Your Best Personalized Pennant

There’s hundreds upon hundreds of ways to personalize our pennants, and we know that you want to be absolutely sure of what message you want your pennant to convey! That’s why we’re here to provide you with ideas for you to put on your new pennants (we couldn’t have discovered these unique ideas without our amazing Consultants and customers!).


Grand Adventure Pennant

Lines that can be personalized: “Nashville,” and “Tennessee”

Did you know that the word “our” on this pennant could also be changed to “my”?  That way, you can personalize this pennant to stand for one person or many!

Pennant09DeniseSome of our favorite ideas that we’ve heard:
  1. Put your business name on it, and hang it in your office space (Example, it would read: “Mary & Martha, my Grand Adventure”). Perfect gift for an intern or new employee!
  2. Put your family name on it and hang it where the whole family will see it.
  3. For a graduating senior, put a college or university name in the blanks!
  4. Make a gift for your child’s teacher! We saw one Consultant put “Mrs. Talley’s” and “Fourth Grade Class” in the personalized lines (as shown).
  5. Like the example above shows, put your hometown on it. It’s the perfect gift to give a new neighbor, to keep in your own home, or to hand out to a new local business to encourage them!



Lord’s Blessing Pennant

Line that can be personalized: “Abigail”

This pennant is a blessing to all who read it. It’s beautiful in look, and encouraging in design. What a wonderful reminder to see daily!

Pennant05Abbey2Here are some idea for how to personalize and gift it:
  1. This is a great gift for a baby shower. Put a child’s name in the personalize line; it’s guaranteed to bring some happy tears to the mommy!
  2. Put a graduating class year in the blank! This is a great gift for a senior in high school or a college graduate (Example: “Class of 2016”)
  3. This pennant is perfect for personalizing your children’s bedroom doors! From putting “The Girls Room” and “The Boys Room” in the blank, to printing off a pennant with their own name on it, it’s a fun way to decorate their bedroom doors and your hallway! You can hang it on their doors by putting it on a command hook for easy cleaning.
  4. This is a touching gift for a church or church member to give to a child’s family after their baby dedication or baptism. Putting their name in the blank is all that’s needed!
  5. Do you have a friend who is adopting soon? This would be a wonderful way to touch their lives through this pennant. Just add their name child’s name, or even put their family name on the personalize line!



Alleluia Pennant

This pennant isn’t one that can be personalized, but we had to include it so we could show you a couple crafty ideas that our Consultants shared with their customers and friends:


Beautiful ideas, right?? Turn your pennant into a wreath to hang on your door to celebrate that Christ is risen! Or get super crafty and frame it with rope to accent a console table.

If you’d like to have a party to make this with your friends, talk to your Consultant (or find the closest one to you by clicking here) and set up a Make-and-Take Gathering. This product will only be around until April 15, so don't delay!


What other ideas do you have for your pennant? Tell us in the comments; we’d love to hear what you think!

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