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More Than a Cookbook

This fall season, I am ecstatic about our Let’s Get Together Cookbook!

Why? Because this cookbook is a breath of fresh air for my not so "Suzy homemaker" heart. I love to welcome people into my home and I cherish the memories made around our table, but when it comes to searching for new recipes then preparing, cooking and/or baking said recipes, I can become quite overwhelmed… Anyone else with me?!

See, there are people who love to cook and then there are people, like me, who love to eat and entertain. For those people who love to cook, finding a new recipe to serve is an exciting adventure. For the people like me, it’s an incredibly scary and overwhelming task! While the people who love to cook scour cookbooks and pinterest for their next culinary adventure, I return to the recipes I can rely on, the ones that I already have memories around, in hopes of creating new memories with our guest around this not so new recipe. 

That's why I love our Let's Together Cookbook. Whether you are the first type of person or the second, it doesn't matter. In this cookbook - YOU decide the recipes it will contain. And then on top of that, YOU capture moments and the memories that were made around those recipes. This cookbook is not just about the food, it's not just a journal about the memories, it's about capturing all of it together. 



You may be wondering, "Well, what does 'capturing it all together' look like in a cookbook?!" Let me show you!

We'll begin with my mom's apple pie with crumb topping recipe and the memories made around it.


With this recipe comes the memories made when I baked my first apple pie. It was on a fall Saturday in my first year of marriage. My parents were in town to visit and my mom brought the ingredients for an apple pie - yes, that's my mom! While I was nervous about ruining the pie, she walked me through the directions and showed me her tips and tricks assuring me it was easier than I thought.

Not even 30 minutes later, we had a beautiful apple pie in the oven. And a little after that - a delicious pie to eat. 



My mom's recipe is great, but what mattered more to me that afternoon were the memories I made with my mom by my side. Because of Let's Get Together cookbook, I have a place to store the recipes AND the memories. Every time I open my cookbook to this recipe, I will remember the memories made with my mom AND be able to add new ones!

It's as simple as that. Find new recipes to fill the pages or take your mother's best dishes then make the pages come alive with your pictures, drawings, scribbles, and notes!  

Let the pages tell stories for years to come!


For more information, contact your Consultant!

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