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My Mary & Martha Journey

My journey with Mary & Martha began as a way for me to get a really great deal on several beautiful pieces on my wish list. I fell in love with the product line immediately, but I was not at all interested in the business or leadership opportunities. I actually told my sponsor I would not go to any meetings or do any parties, and promised the same to my husband.

When the kit arrived, I was amazed with how much more beautiful things were in person, and I was quite impressed that I received a card signed by everyone that had prayed over my kit. I loved everything so much that I started sharing pictures on Facebook and the catalog with friends; just like you would about a great pair of shoes or a wonderful new book. My family and friends were interested as well, as many had never heard of the company or concept.

Several months after I joined, I was approached to do a fundraiser gathering for a friend’s baby. I asked Brian if he would be okay with that, and he said, “Yes.” 

That night, I did not focus on sales, but rather on the mission of loving others and sharing Christ with them, while raising support to bless another. The evening turned out to be pivotal in my journey as the hostess wanted to also join the company!

Several months later, my husband’s job took a turn, which left us very uncertain about our future. I went on a long prayer walk with the Lord and asked Him if He might want to use Mary & Martha to fill in the financial gaps that were going to be created. I placed it in His hands and asked Him to make it very clear.

Within 24 hours, and without my prompting, I had 3 friends email and ask if they could do gatherings with me. I think His answer was pretty clear.

From those gatherings, my business grew. I shared my story and hearts were touched. I found ministries to partner with, and my team joined alongside me. Women wanted to be a part of what I was doing because gatherings were more than parties or sales-pitches. I loved on my guests and hostesses, and made each time together an opportunity to bless and encourage.

Mary & Martha provides a way for me to use my God-given gifts, such as leadership, speaking, and encouraging others. I am able to set and achieve goals while blessing my family and others. I am able to spur others on as they provide for their families, have much needed “girl time,” and work to achieve goals of their own. I love that I can help others dream beyond what they previously thought possible as they live out the desires God has placed in their hearts.

The financial impact on our family has been huge, as we are able to give and save like never before. We are blessed to be a vessel through which God can provide for the needs of others, and we are able to enjoy a few fun extras, as well as incentive trips, a mission trip, and fun surprises.

I encourage anyone considering this opportunity to just give it a try. You have nothing to lose and may just spark or reignite a passion. Mary & Martha offers a unique opportunity to combine work & faith, goal setting & gathering, living life & leaving a legacy.

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