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Our Army of Women Makes a BIG Impact

How does an Army of Women in the United States impact 50,000 lives for Christ 7,000 miles away in Rwanda, Africa? 

A child attending Compassion’s Child Development Center receives three Bibles throughout their childhood; A Children’s picture Bible, an intermediate Bible and as a teen, they receive a study Bible. For every Bible that comes into a home, along with that child, four other family members are spiritually impacted by the word of God. 

This Army of Women is our Mary & Martha Consultants from across the country that have a unified passion to make Christ known in their generation through their Mary & Martha Business, in their cities, states, country and around the world.  This year, at their Gatherings, they are offering the opportunity for their Hosts & Guests to join us in donating 10,000 Bibles to the children of Rwanda through Compassion International’s Bible Program.  Those 10,000 Bibles are taken into the homes of the children and as a result are impacting 50,000 lives through the child’s family.  In so many homes, the child’s only possession is their Bible from Compassion and letters from their Sponsors.  We are so humbled that over 6,000 Bibles have been donated to Rwanda so far!

In 1994, Rwanda, an African nation of 3 million people, experienced the most horrific genocide our generation has known:  In just 100 days, nearly 1 million people lost their lives when the Hutu tribe attacked the Tutsi Tribe.

Twenty-five years of healing has come to the country of Rwanda through miraculous forgiveness and redemption. Today victims and perpetrators are living and working side by side to rebuild a vibrant, unified country that is free from the hatred and bitterness that once consumed them.

The story of forgiveness and redemption is astounding and some would even say unbelievable! Make no mistake; it has not been easy – nearly impossible on the best of days… BUT IT IS HAPPENING!

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How you may ask?  The answer is simple… the saving grace of God and His redeeming love!

Lives are being transformed by God’s truth and we at Mary & Martha are blessed to be part of that transformation through assuring every child in the Compassion Child Development Centers recieves a Bible!

Mary & Martha Consultants offers everyone the opportunity to join us in providing hope & healing for Rwanda.  Just seven dollars will buy one age appropriate Bible in the child’s language.  Won’t you join us?


Hear the testimony of Methode Ruzibana who escaped the genocide by fleeing to the hills. He lost his family and was consumed with hate and revenge until he joined Compassion where he was able to experience God’s love through the local church and reading the Word of God.  Hear how he released his hatred in favor of a life centered in forgiveness and gratitude.  

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