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Power of the Printed Page

A drop of ink may make a million think! ~ Lord Byron 

DaySpring began because two pastors, Don Leetch and Dean Kerns, prayed this prayer, "Lord if we only have 10 years left to make a difference for the Kingdom, what would you have us do?" The Holy Spirit moved both of them to leave their churches and make Christ known through the printed page. Joined by Roy Lessin and Russ Flint, with a shared vision, DaySpring Cards was born. Printing truth on a page has power!

The multiplication and impact that comes from written words of God’s truth on a printed page have changed lives, given hope to the hopeless, love to those who felt devalued, and instruction on how to live a righteous life and receive God's blessings.

We have become so used to life’s busyness and routines with activities and events, that it is common to hear, "I just don't have time to read."

During this time, life for many has slowed down for some and changed drastically for others. Our world is seemingly on hold. Many are feeling lost and overwhelmed by the impact of social distancing and feeling drained by the coronavirus quarantine. As we face our possible third month of stay-at-home life, we can feel we have lost our moorings, and are caught in the current drifting away from all we know and trust. Drifting away from the events and activities of our lives that have become part of who we are. It can feel like our identity is becoming lost along the way. 

The printed page transcends all the busyness we have been consumed by in the past. Seize this moment to put down your phones, shut off social media for an hour, hold a good book in your hand, run your fingers over the pages, hug it close to your chest, and then read…read the words that will usher in hope, joy, love, laughter, and encouragement. Read truth!

Seize this moment in history and take the written page, the word of God, and great books filled with truth, to feed our souls, and encourage ourselves and hearts! To fully grasp that our life is full only because of Jesus, and we only find our purpose in life and who we are in Him. In 1 Samuel 30:6, David encouraged himself in the Lord because his friends (brothers) wanted to kill him. Sometimes we have to encourage ourselves in the Lord. Remembering his goodness, reading his promises, and remembering our real purpose – that we are here on this earth to continually know Him better and bring Him glory.

Daily consume the number one selling book of all time, the word of God. Read books written by people just like you and me that through their walk with God, they heard the Holy Spirit's whispers, put pen to paper, and began to write. Some have written words of encouragement, hope, instruction, joy, and more.  

Wherever you are today in coping or not coping with COVID-19, and no matter what you are dealing with, boredom, frustration, inadequate supplies, limited information, too much information, and financial loss, we can and need to encourage and encourage and gird ourselves with the truth! Just like David encouraged himself in the Lord!

We are all faced with great challenges and even greater opportunities to emerge from this time in history, a more influential, more confident, and resilient person than ever.

Seize this moment in history and take the written page, the word of God, and great books filled with truth, to feed our souls, and encourage ourselves and hearts!

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