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Preparing for the Holidays: A Thanksgiving DIY


During the holiday season, it is so easy for us to be wrapped up in all the things we need to accomplish and lose sight of what is most important. This is a time when we are reminded of the story of Mary & Martha in Luke 10:38-42. We find Martha hustling about to prepare a meal for her guests when she becomes so frustrated and overwhelmed at the fact her sister isn’t helping that she ends up tattling on Mary to Jesus. We can often relate to Martha as sometimes we struggle to find balance between becoming overwhelmed and exhausted from our holiday traditions and celebrations versus relaxing and enjoying the people that we are surrounded by during the holidays.

There is a simple and pure lesson that we can learn from the Story of Mary & Martha. Both loved Jesus and both had great intentions. It was simply a situation of Martha losing sight of her priorities and being caught up in the moment of what she thought she “had” to do or accomplish.

When Jesus spoke to Martha, he said, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen the good part.”  

Imagine how incredible it would be to start every day of the busy holidays sitting at the feet of Jesus being filled with all good things. Imagine being Jesus to your family and friends as you joyously welcome all who enter into your home this holiday season with your love-filled, selfless actions of hosting, serving, and just being with the people you love and who love you. 

Jesus does not rebuke Martha for wanting to prepare a nice meal to welcome her guests, as Jesus had enjoyed many meals in their home. Jesus rebuked her for worrying and being troubled about the preparation. Jesus emphasizes the most important thing we should be doing is to love on our Guests with Christs love by being with them.  

As you simply open your door, invite friends and family in, and gather around the table, pause and remember it’s not about perfection, it is about the people that gather. Shake off those expectations you have put on yourself, and maybe for the first time ever, enjoy the company that you have coming this Thanksgiving without being exhausted.

Roy Lessin has often said that there are two kinds of people in the world and they can be defined by when they come home for the holidays. The first type arrives and when you swing open your door, and they exclaim, “There you are, I LOVE you!” The second type arrives and when you swing open your door, they exclaim, “Here I am! Give me a reason to love you.”


This holiday season it is our prayer that:


To help you prepare simply for your Thanksgiving, here are a few DIY’s to decorate your home using our Small, Medium, and Large Glass Lanterns. Our intention is to keep it simple, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. And remember, the end product doesn’t have to be perfect. Give it your own flair!


Small Lantern:


Materials Needed:

Insert batteries in the flameless candle and place in center of Lantern and place decorative corn around the candle.


Medium Lantern: Create your own Thankful Tree!


Materials Needed:


Step 1: Fill bottom of Lantern with Pine Cones.
Step 2: Cut branches to desired size and place branches in Lantern.
Step 3: Hang Tags on branches to fit personal taste.
Step 4: When your Friends and Family come over, have them write down what they are thankful for and then take time to read them throughout the meal!



Large Lantern:


Materials Needed:



Step 1: Insert Batteries in Flameless Candle. 
Step 2: Position Cinnamon Sticks around Candle and wrap tightly with twine. 
Step 3: Place lit Candle at bottom (center) of Lantern and fill bottom of Lantern with Pine Cones. 
Step 4: Tie Burlap bow around top of Lantern. 


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