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Steps to a Gallery Wall.

They are popping up everywhere, right.  But for most of us it seems to be a daunting tasks. So here are some tips on how to create your own gallery wall.  And if you like, even more.  We at Mary & Martha think you can never have too many!

A gallery wall should tell a story, your story.  Such a great way to welcome others into your home.  Your gallery wall is a great way to start a conversation, what a great way to connect.  Welcome and connect are key elements to keep in mind when you create a gallery wall. 

What you will need:

Paper (newspaper or old wrapping paper-the key is large pieces of paper)

Scissors (this might be the hardest part of the whole project, how do scissors disappear?)

Hammer and nails-remember a high heeled shoe can make the perfect hammer substitute. 

Washi tape (way more fun than regular old tape, although you can use that if you need to)

Your best friend (life is to be shared after all)


  1. Assemble all the above (hopefully the friend comes full assembled)
  2. Pick the wall-this is your blank canvas
  3. Curate all the items to hang that will help you tell your story.  Be creative, this can include items beyond framed items.  Maybe a shelf, a paper wreath made from your favorite book, a clock you received as a gift…
  4. Trace the shape of said items onto paper and cut them out.  Be sure to label them with the name of the item (trust me on this one, it might get confusing)
  5. By now you might need a snack
  6. Layout the paper patterns on the floor-work from the middle out
  7. Once you like the layout on the floor, tape the patterns to the wall
  8. Adjust until you and your best friend are satisfied
  9. Hamer the nail through the paper pattern, pull the paper off, hang the item
  10. Repeat until you wall is finished.
  11. Sit back and admire your work!
  12. Invite others into your home and watch the conversations unfold


Congratulations you just built a gallery wall.  Click here for a reference sheet for our featured gallery wall.


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