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Think On These Things - $25 Gift Idea!

This Spring, give a meaningful gift without breaking the bank!

How, you ask? By purchasing our Think on These Things Collection!

Think On These Things Plates | Set of 4 ($48)



Think on These Things Lovely Mug Set | Set of 2 ($26)



Think on These Things Noble Mug Set | Set of 2 ($26)



You may be thinking, “How do I get 4 gifts from these 3 sets?”

It’s simple! Just take one plate and the coordinating mug and make a new set!

Continue doing so until you have 4 beautifully unique gifts, valued at $25 each!

Lovely Set


Gift this set to the friend who thinks on what is lovely and portrays love in her day-to-day life.


Pure Set:


And this set? Give it to the friend that is pure in both actions and speech, reminding her that the “pure in heart will see God”.


Noble Set: 



Send this set to the friend, whom you admire for their noble actions and want to encourage!


True Set:


And to the friend, who shines the truth of light in every situation, bless her with this set.


Then, if you’re looking to add an extra touch to the Lovely & True Sets, add their coordinating Watercolor Tea Towels, $24 each!

True Set:


Sunflower Tea Towel 


Lovely Set:


Roses Tea Towel 


With hand-lettering and beautiful watercolor art, paired with the powerful message of Philippians 4:8, these pieces add beauty and elegance to any and every home.

To purchase this collection, contact your Consultant today!

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