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To Me, Mary & Martha Represents Freedom

I learned about Mary & Martha (Blessings Unlimited then) when a good friend invited me to go with her to a Gathering. I sensed God had a blessing for me there but had no idea what it was.

I discovered I loved combining my faith and work when I served my church as the Women's Ministry Director but I never saw myself as a salesperson, had no interest in direct sales and never thought I could own my own business. But God works in awesome ways and drew me in when I learned DaySpring's headquarters was in Arkansas, my home state. With my husband's encouragement 6 years ago, I gave it a try. It is awesome that I get to help women bless their homes & others with the life-giving gift of His Word through our beautiful products.

What has surprised me the most about my journey is the growth I've experienced in my faith. He uses every high, every challenge or disappointment to increase my trust in Him no matter what I can "see." Seeing the changes in me has also drawn my husband closer to the Lord. My hostesses and guests have become my friends and we get to encourage each other in our life's journey.

I also absolutely LOVE working alongside sweet sisters and incredible women of faith and receiving encouragement by the stories of how God is working through them and their businesses to impact their communities for His Kingdom. I can't believe I have a career that draws myself and others closer to God and to each other while working from home with flexible hours!

There have been so many blessings for my family, including earning 7 incentive trips. I started with my husband's goal of earning $5,000 so we could take advantage of childcare flexible spending through his work. Because of God's grace, my amazing hostesses and customers and our incredible Shining for Him Team family, we were able to pay the $17,000 needed for fertility treatments last Fall in just 5 months and realize our 8 year dream of having a second child! We welcomed our sweet miracle baby, Ty, in August and I could not be more thrilled that my job allows me to fit my business in around my mommy responsibilities. His name literally means Thank You (Lord).

Nelson 2

Additionally, just last month, my income was enough to pay for 7 months of our mortgage, moving us closer to our dream of paying off our house! My financial contribution to our family has never been what it is with Mary & Martha.

In addition, my sons are learning that whatever they set their mind to, they can accomplish through prayer, God's provision and their steps of obedience and action. They can be successful business owners too!

To me, your own Mary & Martha business & ministry represents FREEDOM - to be who God created, to use your gifts for His Kingdom purposes and to be paid well for it. Who knew you could earn a living being a professional encourager of women and empowering others to break free from whatever stands in their way of fully living out their God-given purpose?

If God has placed this business on your heart, there's a reason! Give it a try and trust His prompting. He does not call the equipped; he equips the called. Let Him show you what He can do through a heart that's completely submitted to Him. I am confident it is more than you ever imagined possible.

You were designed to SHINE (Matthew 5:16). I dare you, follow your King!

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