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You Are Making a Difference In Rwanda!

We have had an amazing relationship with Compassion International for years. When you make a donation, no matter how small, you make a huge impact in the lives of the children and their families, specifically in Rwanda this year where Mary & Martha have committed to providing TEN THOUSAND BIBLES! When a child receives a Bible, it not only impacts that child but often their entire family. Ten thousand Bibles can reach fifty thousand people for Jesus!

Mary & Martha partners with Jeanne Wilkinson, from Compassion International Headquarters. Jeanne attends our national conference each year to share the hope that is received in the lives of children living in hopeless situations. She recently visited Rwanda and captured the Bibles being distributed that have been donated by Mary & Martha! Ladies, THIS is the kingdom impact Mary & Martha’s customers like you are having in an entire country that is working hard to restore hope through love and forgiveness.

Watch this video of the gift of eternal hope through the living word being received with joy at one of a Child Development Center in Rwanda. Be sure to watch to the end as these children have a message for all those who have had a part in providing these gifts!

Feel free to contact your Mary & Martha Consultant if you would like to be part of this impactful ministry. We love this opportunity we have at Mary & Martha to partner with you to have a part in releasing children from poverty in Jesus name.

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