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What do you know about the Direct Selling industry? Maybe a lot, a little or not much. I was in the ‘little’ category. I had been to parties and bought stuff, but I never thought much more about it. In fact I didn’t even know it was an industry.

And what an industry it is! I didn’t know that...

But guess what else? The Direct Selling industry is crazy family friendly! And just flat out friendly. You will never find another industry that is so willing to share knowledge, processes, systems, ideas.

But wait there’s more (couldn’t resist)! It is yours! When you join a Direct Selling company, you own your own business, you are your own boss, and you decide how much you earn.

Now maybe you are like me and a bit overwhelmed by those facts. Maybe you are like me and have been to many parties and never gave a thought to jumping in. Maybe you are like me, and have never been asked to join a company, to invest in your own business.

Well, I am inviting you to jump in, join us, and invest in your very own Mary & Martha business. A place that offers you countless opportunities…

Mary & Martha is a place where we open the door to opportunity, invite you join our sisterhood, and live in the &! Live in the &? Yes, a place where your work & faith can walk hand in hand. A place where you can make a difference to your Hostesses, their guests, your team members and you family.

2015 is the time to take the challenge. Owning your own business is sure to stretch and grow you. So go ahead, write it down and make it happen.

I can’t wait to meet you, new business owner!

Learn how you can join here.

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