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Messy, illegible, beautiful, frilly or plain.  These are most of the words used to describe handwriting, but your handwriting is invaluable to those you love.  Handwriting is personal.  So personal. 

Do you write anymore?  Physically write with a pen or a pencil on paper?

Do you write letters, cards, notes, even a grocery or to do list?  Or have you jumped in the stream of only communicating in 140 characters, a post, a pic or a text? 

Recently, some schools attempted to remove cursive handwriting from their curriculum until parents protested.  After all, how will little Johnny read his birthday card from grandma if he doesn’t learn cursive?

No matter how beautiful or terrible your handwriting is, it has meaning to those who are close to you. I know this to be true. 

My dad died 6 years ago.  He died within 5 weeks of his diagnosis, he was only 64.  He left a yacht, 250 acres, many pieces of property, a motorcycle, a convertible, a brand new truck and various other high priced toys. I wanted none of those things, but what I wanted was his handwriting.  I collected his undeniable chicken scratched notes on the back of business cards, invoices and torn notebook pages. 

I slept with those handwritten pieces and my bible the night he was moved from my mom’s home to the funeral home.  I found comfort in the Word and his handwriting. 

6 years later, I still have those random business cards, invoices and lists on notebook pages.  Oh how much sweeter would it be if I had handwritten pieces that were his words to me - personal messages.

I’ve forgotten the sound of his voice, the roar of his laughter, the smell of his hugs, the touch of his hand rustling my hair, but I have not forgotten his handwriting.  And even now as I think of him, my eyes fill with tears and I wish I had a card or a personal note in his writing, even if it just said I love you!

Because we know the importance of handwriting in this day and age, Mary & Martha offers products that help you capture your handwriting and the handwriting of the ones you love.

So, don't waste any time! Send or hand deliver a handwritten card. 


Or grab our recipe cards and our Let's Get Together Cookbook, write out your favorite recipes, gather the key ingredients for your favorite dish and give it all as a gift to a loved one today! 


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