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Host Rewards

When you host a Mary & Martha gathering, you'll earn FREE and 1/2 price items.
What better way to earn Mary & Martha products than to host a Gathering of your friends and family?

Host Chart

Hostess FAQs

We LOVE Our Hostesses! Below are some frequently asked questions by our hostesses to help you as you host a Mary & Martha Gathering!

Who should host a Gathering?
Everyone! Mary & Martha Gatherings are a fun way to connect with friends and share life together! The best thing about hosting a Gathering is we reward you with FREE and half priced items! It’s our way of saying “thank you!” See our Hostess Rewards plan.
How do I find a Mary & Martha Consultant?
Finding one of our amazing Consultants in your area is easy! Go to our Consultant locator type in your zip code and find a Consultant near you!
What is a Gathering like?
A Gathering is a fun, fabulous way to connect with your friends! Our Consultants pamper you by taking care of all the details, while you get to enjoy spending time with friends and of course shopping! The best part is we reward you with FREE products for hosting. Ask to see our Host Planner from your Consultant for all the details on who to invite, how to invite them and your benefits!

I Know a Consultant

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